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I express myself through photography & videography. My work shows who I am and how I see the world & the people around me.

I love the combination of image, sound and motion in videos but I also like the calm in pictures.

I am a visual kind of person and really honest. I'm also the most passionate human when I'm fully in favor for the issue.

I celebrate equity & diversity.

Work & studies...

I write articles for the blog of Madiba.de (South African topics).

I work in the international office of the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar (student assistant).


Media Management (M.A.) - GERMANY

Marketing - PORTUGAL

Marketing - GHANA

Corporate Communication - GERMANY


Media Culture (B.A.) - GERMANY

Audiovisual Communication - SPAIN

Public Relations - GERMANY

I love traveling. tea. sushi. writing. flowers. the ocean. interior stuff. doing what I love.